For two aspirant "grand designers", designing your own home is a dream come true. But without any technical knowledge we needed someone to turn our ideas and dreams of building a property in Wanaka, New Zealand into something tangible. Something that could actually be built and above all, something that was possible within our budget. We approached Jason Kerr at Black Peak Building Consultants armed only with a rough idea of what we were looking for and our extensive Pinterest boards.

From there he has designed a home which we are incredibly excited to be building in Wanaka. He has distilled our thoughts into something we think is truly beautiful and meets all of our requirements. He has managed our (often lofty) expectations without dashing our hopes &endash; always providing an alternative solution to a problem our budget couldn't solve. Throughout the process he has been collaborative, supportive and most importantly understood the aesthetic we have been striving for and translated that into a design that we could realise. We can't wait to move in.
Richard & Karen Birkby